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Please match and select the feed renewal to your model and also include your 5-6 digit identification number (starts with 0) in the box provided at check out. This number is in your setup booklet and on the label on the back of your Ticker. It may be titled “TCI Number” or “Ticker Serial Number”.

If you require assistance, please contact Support at or 888-884-2537 ext. 1. Support is available weekdays from 8:30 – 3:00 PST.

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1) What is the difference between the “GAME DAY“ and “TITAN SERIES“?

– The live “GAME DAY” content is a propriety, color-coded alphanumeric text format that is 7 pixels high in a 4-inch high ticker.


– The “TITAN SERIES” is a higher resolution format, 16 pixels high, that displays text and graphics in a 5.5-inch high ticker. All tickers are designed for close up viewing between eight and 100 feet and include an automated brightness button.

2) What is the cost of the SKYBOX live sports feed?

– With all models, we add bonus value by including the first year of content for free. Renewals are just $16.95 per month thereafter for the TITAN SERIES, and $11.95 per month for the GAME DAY.

– Custom messaging is available for both models at an additional cost of $6.95 per month. This is an add-on service and is not included with your purchase.

– All renewals are yearly.

3) Can I purchase online?

– Yes. Just click on the buy button and you will be taken to the cart. You can use VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, and others. We also offer a few financing options through PAYPAL or KLARNA, just follow the prompts.

4) What if my order is back ordered?

– We do our best to maintain inventory of all standard sizes in our Las Vegas shipping warehouse; however, we can run out of inventory depending on sales volume. New inventory is in constant rotation and can be in a 1-4 week cycle. We accept and deliver the back orders in the order they are purchased online. This will ensure your ticker is in the queue and guarantee its delivery as soon as possible.

5) What content will I receive?

– We don’t use poor quality canned content; it costs more, but we operate our own live newsroom with a team of professional journalists creating sports entertainment with personality, 365 days per year in conjunction with our partner Sportradar. We cover all sports with odds for both sides and totals, as well as futures. Our stream includes scores with breaking news, hires, fires, trades, injuries and more with special coverage of global events, bowl games, March Madness and the Super Bowl. Once your ticker is on the wall, it’s all about the content that you’re reading for the lifespan of the product. It has to be the best!

6) How soon do you ship after I purchase online?

– We receive your order immediately upon purchase and process it the same or next business day.

7) What will my shipping costs be?

– In order to build value into all SKYBOX products, we include delivery to your door through UPS Ground. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive from our Las Vegas warehouse, depending on location. We will forward a tracking number to your email.

8) Is it difficult to set up?

– As a factory direct manufacturer, we have designed and engineered our tickers with secure powerful patented WiFi technology for a simple plug-and-activate process with no cables or hassle. We include mounting hardware and a power supply along with your setup booklet. We have technical support standing by if required and always get them up and running quickly.

9) Can I order custom sizes?

– Yes. Many of our commercial and Fancave customers are now requesting lengths of 20-50 feet or more. We can also provide really cool perfect 90-degree inside or outside corners and include shop drawings. Delivery is approximately six weeks to your door for custom orders.

10) What is the warranty?

– We include a two year factory warranty with all models and our surface mount diode LEDs come with a 100,000-hour life span for long-lasting performance.