LAS VEGAS, NV (December 29, 2022) – Today John Jost V P Operations BetSkybox announced the arrival to the showroom of BetSkybox Kiosks for display as well as

host partner training and demonstration. John commented after months of hard work from the BetSkybox team and IGT we are thrilled to have received our first

order of Kiosks to the Columbus Networks Operating Centre ( NOC ) these first Kiosks are for demonstration purposes and a show and tell to our current host locations

under contract along with our future host partners.

The Kiosks are the final addition to our odds displays and sports ticker signs all in a one stop location. The second and much larger shipment of Kiosks is anticipated

mid January for immediate in field training and deployment.


BetSkybox a division and brand of the Skybox Sports Network Inc. has been awarded a conditional Type C Proprietor Sports Gaming License from the Ohio Lottery and Ohio Casino Control Commission. BetSkybox has partnered with IGT of Las Vegas, NV as a platform partner and will deploy sports betting Kiosks into Lottery approved host partner locations throughout the entire state of Ohio. BetSkybox will be additionally adding the Skybox core product line of Sports Tickers and Odds Boards into the corner bar or restaurant location creating a Las Vegas look and feel.

The additional Skybox products bring relevant content along with light, color and motion generating higher revenue with customer retention, and higher food, liquor and sports wagering sales. Based in Las Vegas BetSkybox has additionally launched it’s new Networks Operating Centre (NOC) across from the Columbus Blue Jackets Nationwide arena with a showroom and a fully staffed team of professionals offering management and customer service. For additional information please contact John Jost, V P Operations BetSkybox at

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